App Pick: Star Wars Card Trader

In my childhood I loved to collect baseball and football cards. Fast forward to present day and now I can do the same thing electronically, and free! The Topps Company has come out with a few apps for collecting and trading cards electronically. Specifically, they have a Baseball, Football, Soccer and Star Wars trading card game.

The focus of this App Pick is on the Star Wars Trading Card game. You collect cards from all sorts of Star Wars universes. There are cards from the movies, TV shows, characters, and vehicles. Some cards are more rare than others and they have exclusives that you can only get at certain occasions. Just like the old days you "buy" a pack and open it and the cards get added to you library.

You can also trade cards with other people. So, if you have 3 of the same rare card you can offer 1 up to someone else to get a rare that you don't already have.

It's a lot of fun and has been consuming a little bit of my time each day. Check it out!