How to Get Started with the DJI Mini Pro 3

I recently bought a DJI Mini 3 Pro drone and this is the first drone I have owned. I really had no idea how to fly it or what it’s capabilities were and needed to start figuring out how to operate it. So, in case there are others out there starting for the first time, I’m creating this page to help get started.

Unbox and Charge the Batteries

The very first thing needed after taking it out of the box is to charge the batteries completely on the drone and the controller. It takes 30-40 mins for each. While those are charging, start reviewing guidelines and take any required certifications.

FAA Guidelines

The next thing you should do, if in the United States, is review the FAA’s guidelines.

The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)

In the United States, this is a required certificate that you must have anytime you are operating your drone, regardless of the drones size. Information on obtaining the certificate can be found here:

It takes about 30 mins to complete and is free.


Download the B4UFLY app. Details can be found here:

Getting Started

Here are a few getting started videos that helped me.

More to come as I fly and learn this new drone aircraft…